Best Paintball Gun Under 200

Best Paintball Gun Under 200

Here are a few reviews of some of the best paintball guns you can get for under $200 – many of them come from the US Army portfolio. All these guns are equipped with the best features, yet have a few things that separate them. Check these out to find the one that fits your needs.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00GR9HAQ0″ locale=”US” tag=”HPD”]Tippmann US Army Project Salvo[/easyazon_link]

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This paintball gun player package, which comes in a nice tan color, is great for a stealth battle, complete with all the basic accessories. It has good quality anti fog paintball mask goggles, and a 20 oz aluminum CO2 tank with pin valve for smooth operation.

The 200 round gravity feed loader hopper will keep you loaded for a long battle, while the 6-position collapsible and folding stock ensures total comfort. The amazing part of it is the picatinny rails that are designed for customization of the gun, which has adjustable and removable front and rear sights to give you excellent vision.


  • 6+1 horizontal harness pack with 6 pods
  • Stainless steel gas line ensures no rusting or breaking
  • Easy maintenance with quick release feeder elbow
  • Comes with barrel cover and bag of small tools + spare parts
  • 1-year manufacturing warranty from the US Army


  • Comes with a CO2 tank, not HPA
  • Barrel shroud is made of plastic

Comfortable and convenient, this paintball marker is worth every cent of your money. The gravity feed of the marker can actually be used with most paintball guns and is built to last. Even the safety pin valve fits any standard paintball marker air system, thereby ensuring prolonged use. All said and done, it’s quite a good piece for your arsenal.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B002H0NBOI” locale=”US” tag=”HPD”]US Army Project Salvo .68 Caliber[/easyazon_link]

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The .68 caliber from the US Army Project Salvo range is another great paintball marker with performance and reliability that’s proven to be in the excellent league. With its natural milsim look and an all aluminum receiver, it’s a dream pistol that’ll keep you battle-ready in style.

The typical Tippmann inline bolt system, a 6-position collapsible and folding stock, four picatinny rails on the shrouds – the gun has all these great features plus a host others to make it stand out in the under $200 range of paintball markers.

Part of Tippmann’s line of US Army-branded paintball products, the marker in fact has flat-top picatinny rail built into the receiver, which makes it easy for players to quickly add a handle, site, or scope, and a variety of other modifications.


  • Equipped with front sling mount
  • Adjustable/removable front and rear sights
  • The gas line is made of heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Trigger pull is less than 3 pounds, ensuring smooth and steady firing
  • High safety standards


  • Has only one (CO2) air option
  • Doesn’t come with a tank or hopper

This super-customizable and highly durable marker is easy to operate and maintain. You can play around with it in all kinds of field conditions without damaging this solid little plaything. It’s one of the most accurate guns in this price range and hits well up to 20 feet. Add any kind of accessory to it and see how the gun transforms you into a virtual soldier.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B005UKBBGC” locale=”US” tag=”HPD”]Spyder Fenix Electronic[/easyazon_link]

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The way this gun shoots up to 160 shots without any hassles is amazing! The Spyder Fenix Electronic paintball marker speaks efficiency in every shot fired from its 20 oz tank. The secret lies in the `Synergy Engineering’ low pressure dual air source system.

This semi-automatic gun comes with a high-impact polymer trigger frame and a 3-way adjustable magnetic response `Saber’ trigger-recessed dual texture grip panels. You can imagine the solidity that gives the marker.

An exciting range of exceptional features makes it a great buy – its LEAP II Circuit Board with rear facing color access mode display is a treat to the eye, while the external velocity adjuster makes it amazingly easy to switch speeds.


  • Air efficient EKO valve system
  • Solid, all-aluminum body
  • Adjustable in-line regulator that gets charged with speed


  • Doesn’t come with battery
  • Extremely loud and heavy

With this new 2012 Fenix electronic marker, you get all the amazing features of some of the most expensive e-markers. The 1600 shots per 20 oz CO2 tank is a major boost from the standard 800 shots fired by other markers.

The fact that it doesn’t have an on/off ASA to isolate the air tank from the market actually makes servicing this marker less burdensome. Quite a good entry level gun, by all accounts!


These are all great paintball guns under $200. The trick of picking the best lies in finding that little extra each of them has.

The Tippmann US Army Project Salvo player package is among the most customizable markers, with solid stainless steel gas line for total protection from breakage and rusting. The front and rear sights can be adjusted to suit your vision.

The .68 caliber US Army Project Salvo is high on safety and reliability, and is also capable of being suitably modified for individual needs.

If you’re looking for an entry level product, the Spyder Fenix Electronic is an excellent option, with its e-trigger enabling you to fire uninterrupted for up to 160 shots. The velocity adjustment feature of this gun will make switching speeds a breeze, so you can enjoy the game to its fullest.

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